This blog is where I share observations of God’s Word, seeking to find spiritual underpinnings to the Christian walk. I’ve got other blogs: an evangelistic one meant for those outside the church, a secular one meant to explore a type of technology that is a good metaphor for seeing things spiritually, and one focused on creation. This one covers diverse territory, from media in worship to hearing God, as I explore His Word and seek to apply it to life.

The general theme of “Whole Reality” is that reality consists of both spiritual and material. We tend to focus on the latter, and these reflections may help see past that bias. The primary tool is written reflection on God’s Word, but I’m also exploring other ways to express truths. Learning to see and express Christian spiritual realities in such ways includes essays, stories, photography, and physical parables. Themes include: learning to hear God’s voice, the nature of discipleship, evangelism in post-Christian society, and our spiritual walk in general.

The physical parables are difficult to describe briefly, but in general are small projects that illustrate spiritual concepts. Think of them like the small hands-on exhibits one finds at science museums. As this collection grows, I may consider a way to present them to people. A venue such as a small art gallery would work, but such ideas are still very tentative.

I’m a husband of more than thirty years, and father of two beautiful and intelligent young ladies. We have been involved with many aspects of church life such as mission trips (both domestic and international), local outreach, children’s ministries, and church administration. In addition, I taught adult Sunday School for over ten years, and have been involved in AV ministries.

At work, I’m an R&D system engineer in the high-tech industry. Working on systems with a “futurist” perspective gives me a natural bent for seeing things as they could be. At work this plays out through analysis, logic, and the like. Here it plays out by seeking God’s face. The intent is for deliberate seeking. In the summer of 2011, my job unexpectedly transitioned from telepresence communication systems to industrial printing, and the Lord used that transition to tell me (among other things) that it was time to bump up the activity of this work.

My core beliefs are mainline Christian, but I’m very interested in understanding the real Scriptural, spiritual perspectives for how we express our beliefs both as individuals, and as the Body of Christ. I’d love to dialog with anyone interested else truly interested in these ideas; feel free to contact me!

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