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A Look at the Great Commission in Acts

For many Christians, the world seems to be growing darker each day. While the occasional event or ministry sees some some success, the larger trends are a shrinking number of believers, growing divisiveness and conflict, and churches that increasingly mirror … Continue reading

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Immersive Explorations of the Spiritual

The vision of The Gate is one of finding creative ways to present spiritual truths in today’s science-saturated world, using concepts borrowed from that worldview. It is based on an exploration of such ideas, ranging from essays to technology-driven artwork. … Continue reading

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Whole Reality Description

Whole Reality is my personal exploration of ways to understand and present the Gospel by using ideas from today’s increasingly secular world. It seems the success of science and technology have blinded many people to the reality of spiritual truths. … Continue reading

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Practice Unity

There is a great need for love in today’s world. Of course, this has always been true, and always will be. However, today’s level of divisiveness makes the need especially clear. Pointing to the source, Christians are called upon to … Continue reading

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Beyond Religion

In today’s world, it seems harder and harder for many people to find a connection between God and church. Many feel that God has the answer to feeling fulfilled, guidance through life, release from judgment, and eternal life, but don’t … Continue reading

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Our Conquering Messiah

In the first century, Jewish people had high hopes for the messiah. They expected him to defeat Israel’s enemies and free them from bondage. When Jesus appeared, those around him expected a victorious leader. Even at his ascension, the disciples … Continue reading

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One Reason It’s Hard to Serve in Church

Churches generally struggle to get people to be involved in service, and to live out the truth that everyone is to be a minister and use their gifts to serve God. The common teaching is that this is to be … Continue reading

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