This is a place for learning to see and express Christian spiritual reality through essays, stories, photography, and physical parables. This leads to a kind of teaching within the church, and a kind of evangelism outside. The primary tools for sharing this exploration are blogs, each with a different purpose and audience. This one is for sharing spiritual insights with other believers, and also points to two others that are focused outside the church:

Eternal Perspectives This is a place to present spiritual truths to unbelievers through means such as parables, reflections on popular media, and short quirky stories.

Whole Reality Photography This is where I share my virtual reality photography. Just learning to make and share the photos now, but eventually using them as visual parables.

The general theme is that the whole of reality consists of both spiritual and material. We tend to focus on the material, and these reflections are intended to help us see past that bias. You can learn more on the About page, and if you want to follow up on anything, let me know!

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