Waves of the Spirit

I ran across this really cool video of pendulums swinging in complex synchronicity, and it seemed to be a really nice illustration of some Christian spiritual principles. In the demonstration, a series of pendulums are set swinging, each with a slightly different period. When viewed from the correct position, patterns show up in their motion. Sometimes independent, sometimes in unison. I think this is a cool picture of the Holy Spirit’s work in a body of believers.

We each look independently to the Spirit for guidance, and find that He directs us in ways that take each other into account. Sometimes we move independently, sometimes together. When we find Him leading us together, then we can group and follow Him as one. But when His purpose for a given season is finished, He may move us on.

The fact that the patterns disappear after a bit made me think. It’s often tempting to keep at things out of habit or tradition after the Spirit is no longer in them. I’ve often reflected on Galatians 1:13-14, and how it gives a picture of Paul’s dedication to tradition leading him to destroy the church. I think we need to be just as sensitive to the Spirit’s leading us out of things, as into them.

Perhaps this is why it’s important for us to share His leading in our lives with each other, so we know when He wants some of us to come together, and when not. Once we come together for a purpose, we continue to follow His leadership until He has us move apart. While working commonly, we are still individuals. While working individually, we are still guided in common. How beautiful.

A more technical description can be found here.

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