Picturing Satan Disguising Himself as an Angel of Light

In pondering the ways Satan deceives us, it’s clear that he will sometimes use tactics that are not blatantly evil — even seemingly good things can still be from him. Separately, I’ve recently run across the use of UV-fluorescent invisible inks to make full-color pictures that can be seen only under UV light. Seems like this printing technology could be used to illustrate the spiritual truth.

No wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light.
2 Corinthians 11:14 (NAS)

Imagine looking at a picture of angel. Probably not the cute little cherub type, but perhaps the classic picture of a grown human with wings dressed in white. Something that evokes the idea of an “angel of light”. Now imagine the lights dim, and the picture is illuminated by UV light. (You wouldn’t actually see the UV light, so the affect would simply be the lights dimming.) As the UV light comes up, a different image appears: a glowing picture of Satan, in all his red, ferocious evil. Perhaps even the eyes are glowing intensely red.

The idea would be to help us understand that what we see with our natural eyes is not all the truth, and we need to be discerning with regard even to things that seem good. In addition to the passage above, consider Matthew 7:21-23. Not even everyone who speaks in the name of Jesus can be accepted without practicing discernment. This does not mean to not trust anyone, but rather to be sensitive to the Truth. Obviously, there are many spiritual lessons that can be gleaned from such passages, and a picture like this would help us visualize and remember them.

I think it would be easy to make such an image, by first printing a picture of the angel using normal technology. Then on top of that, print the image of Satan using invisible UV inks. By dimming the lights, the picture of the angel would become dim, and by adding UV light, the image of Satan would begin to glow. His eyes could be made to appear particularly menacing by mounting red LEDs behind the paper where his eyes are, and turn them on along with the UV. I think the overall effect would be very memorable.

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