Church Technology

Over the years, I’ve handled a lot of different technologies in church, striving to use the talents the Lord has given me for His purpose and glory. In the course of all these projects, I’ve picked up a lot of pointers and helpful observations. Some may be most useful for small churches, but others are generally applicable. It seems good to share these.

Since I’m a technologist by profession, this activity was very natural, and I was called upon to help in many different capacities. These ranged from things like running the audio during weekly services, recording and uploading the weekly sermon, designing and building PowerPoint presentation systems, maintaining the secretary’s computer, installing and maintaining a wired/wireless LAN, and creating and maintaining a web site. When I taught an adult Bible study class (as well as various other courses) I often brought in technology to make the lesson more effective. While involved in church theater, I was the special effects guy, and also taped and distributed polished DVDs of the performances.

By nature, I’m drawn to figure out new and better ways of doing things, and was always looking to see if helpful techniques could be used. In some cases, the techniques seem uncommon, perhaps even novel.

So I’m going to start including posts on “church technology” along with the other topics included here. No real priority or structure, just random things that seemed useful, and that may be useful to others. The kinds of things that may get addressed are things like:

  • The value of a good equalizer in the weekly service.
  • How Dropbox can make the secretary’s life easier.
  • Some observations how the audio mix can help or hurt corporate worship.
  • The value of PowerPoint while teaching, beyond just presenting static slides.
  • Using automated systems for sermon recording and upload.
  • How to craft DVDs for leading worship during small groups, VBS, etc.
  • Innovative micing techniques to compensate for novice speakers and performers.
  • The value of a sequenced power switch for audio systems.
  • And more…
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